The Passion behind Purpose

By Andrew Ripley, Co-Founder of PurposeMatch

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Back when I was in college I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do.  I started my freshman year as a Pre-Med major, mostly because I played golf with a lot of doctors and thought I'd give medicine a try.  (Plus, ER was a popular TV show back then).  But I struggled to see how as an 18 year old, I could commit the next 10 years of school, residency, etc to a career that I wasn't sure would be the right fit.  I bounced between majoring in Economics, Political Science, Pre-Law, and Business...even kicked around the idea of journalism or working for the FBI.  Lots of things interested me, but I had no clue how to create a plan for what to do with my life.


I took a career test in college, and it told me I should be a Zoo director.  Actually sounds fun to me... I am one of the biggest animal guys you'll meet.  (Except snakes.  Hate them).  But I had no idea how to be a Zoo Director.

When friends would visit my dorm room, I would have them draw a major out of a hat, and I kept a tally on the wall.  I'm pretty sure what we're building at is more sophisticated than the luck of the hat!

All to say, I can relate to the millions of young people who feel like they're drifting, struggle to find jobs and careers, and want to find purpose and meaning in their lives.  This is why I'm so passionate about creating something awesome at  We've heard this a lot, but I wish I had when I was in college.  Hindsight is 20/20, and there are a lot of things that I would've done differently.  In fact, I would have done everything differently!

Anyway, here's a few final thoughts that let you "see behind the curtain" and know more about the heart behind what I'm doing.

Life is Short

I've always been very aware of how short our lives are, and the last thing I want to do is to waste it.  If you live your life for yourself, at the end all you have is.... yourself.  How lame is that?  You might have money, power, and possessions, but when this life is over, that's completely meaningless.  For me, I want my life to be about how I impacted other people, and was the world a better place because I was here?

Everyone has a Purpose

You're not an accident.  You have gifts, talents, and passions that are unique to you... and you're fulfilling your purpose when you take those gifts, talents and passions, and impact the world around you in a way that makes a difference.  This is the heart behind what we at PurposeMatch call your "SPARX."

Don't limit yourself

I feel like too many of us spend our lives and time on things that just don't matter.  And that people get comfortable living boring lives.... when there's so much more out there.  It's 2014, and there are more possibilities than ever before.  At, we want to help you design a purposeful life.... discovering ideas and opportunities that you've never thought of before.  Help you find ways to live with intention and purpose, and impact the world around you in a way that makes it a better place because you were here.