Purpose News: April 2017

by Andrew Ripley, Co-Founder of PurposeMatch. Follow us on Twitter: @PurposeMatch and @AndrewRip

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Is it Better to Live a Happy Life, or a Meaningful One?

The Meanings of Life.png

"The Meanings of Life"

Happiness is not the same as a sense of meaning. How do we go about finding a meaningful life, not just a happy one?

Parents often say: ‘I just want my children to be happy.’ It is unusual to hear: ‘I just want my children’s lives to be meaningful,’ yet that’s what most of us seem to want for ourselves. We fear meaninglessness. We fret about the ‘nihilism’ of this or that aspect of our culture. When we lose a sense of meaning, we get depressed. What is this thing we call meaning, and why might we need it so badly?


Africa's Startup Scene is Powered by Social Impact

Here's an interesting look at innovation happening on the African continent...


If You Can't Have the Job You Love, then Love the Job You Have

And of course, not all of us need to launch the next world-changing social venture. Sometimes, it's about finding purpose in the job you already have. This is a good read.


This 75-Year Harvard Study Found the 1 Secret to a Fulfilling Life

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Finally, I've always found it interesting to think about the entirety of our lives. Meaning -- life is short, and when we look back on it, what will we find to be most important? So, courtesy of Harvard, here's a 75 year study on what creates a meaningful life.